I’m an active fine arts amatuer in Toronto. My artworks is my way of communicating, and I like to express the world around me through the images that caught my eye. I apply strong, contrasting colors and light in my paintings. Most of the time I use acrylic and sometimes oil medium. I believe that art is a spiritual journey which lifts the spirits and transports us to another place. 
I’m always passionate about experimenting with different mediums. Seamless abstract patterns with appealing visual effect is my major creative area at this time. I start off by putting a pencil on a piece of paper and then I continue with whatever comes naturally at that moment. In the final step, photoshop and illustrator make my patterns ready for print and screens.

Take a look at my selected works, and get in touch for more information. I help you create a unique artwork or pattern design that can be reproduced on fabric, stationary and much more. Send me an email if you’re interested in artwork licensing.


Take a look at my selected PATTERNS  


Take a look at my selected PAINTINGS    


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